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Our Commitment to Our Buyers

We will exhaust all resources to provide exceptional customer service and help you accomplish your goals.

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The Process

We will match you with one of our showing & community specialists who will guide you through the buying process. As you progress through your stress-free buying experience, you will be introduced to additional experts who will assist you in each phase of the transaction, ultimately delivering you to the closing table and into the home of your dreams.


Needs Analysis

Your highly trained showing & community specialist will meet with you to conduct a thorough analysis; asking the right questions and intently listening to your answers in order to truly understand your needs.



Our showing & community specialists preview new listings on the market almost every day. Their knowledge of each community, available homes for sale, and upcoming inventory is second to none. After meeting with you to analyze your specific needs, your showing & community specialist will preview homes that meet your requirements, eliminating homes that are not ideal and narrowing the list to only the properties that are legitimate contenders to be “the home”. We understand that most people are time impoverished and do not want to waste our clients’ time by showing them homes that are less than ideal.


Market Analysis

Once you have narrowed down your choice of homes, you will return to our office where we will review a thorough analysis of comparable sales and market trends for homes similar to your selection. We then discuss all of the key factors involved in negotiating the best possible price and terms for you.



Our negotiators love what they do, and backed by the rest of the team, they’re very good at it.

We think strategically and enter every negotiation from a position of strength and knowledge.



After successfully negotiating the price and terms of the purchase contract, our home inspection expert will schedule the inspectors of your choosing (we will provide a list of licensed inspectors), be present at the inspection to act as a liaison for you and assist in understanding any needed repairs to the property.


Repair Amendment and Bid Analysis

The inspectors will supply us with copies of the inspection reports. We will review and analyze the reports with you and our licensed property superintendent will even meet contractors at the property to assist us in providing you bids on the items needing repair or replacement. This allows you to enter into the “second negotiation” or submission of a repair amendment to the seller with knowledge of the true repair costs involved.



When a new survey is needed, our transaction coordinator will ensure that it is ordered in a timely fashion so that it does not interfere with meeting your closing date.


Mortgage Lending Assistance

Many buyers have mortgage lenders with whom they have fantastic and long term relationships. However, we find that many of our clients like to “shop” interest rates and terms. Not only will we assist you in researching the lender that is the best match for your needs, we will also assist with confidential data transfer to lenders when more convenient for you.


Transaction Coordination

Our transaction coordinator is the former CFO of a multi-million dollar corporation. She will coordinate your transaction from the time that your property goes under contract until it closes and funds. She maintains excellent relationships with all of the local title companies and works to ensure that all necessary documentation is requested and received by all parties of each transaction (buyer, lender, title company, appraiser, inspectors, surveyor, etc).


Closing/Settlement Statement Review

Our transaction coordinator audits every settlement statement prior to closing to be certain that there are no errors. In order to eliminate any anxiety for you at the closing table, she is happy to present and explain this complicated document to you prior to the standard review with the closer at the title company.


Post-Closing Services

We are simply a phone call away. Every member of our team is always available to recommend a contractor, handyman, veterinarian, physician or dog groomer. We’re also here to solve problems. We love that our clients continue to use us as a resource for years following each transaction.


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