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Fall Decorating Tips From The ZA Staging Team

Fall is a favorite season for many people, the autumn nights gets shorter and the cool crisp air starts to set in.  I am often asked for tips on what you can do to bring the feel of fall into your home, and of course there are many ways, but there are several inexpensive ways to bring the feel of fall into your home and easily transition them from Halloween to Thanksgiving without any changes:
  • Fall Decorating TipsOne of my favorites things to do is to simply fill vases with fall foliage, or bowls and baskets with small pumpkins and gourds(especially the white pumpkins), acorns, and even vegetables such as kale, artichokes and eggplants.  These can be placed in your entryway, or make a great table centerpiece.



  • Fall Decorating TipsThe scents of fall can also bring an inviting and warming feel to your home.  Switching out your candles and hand soaps, to anything with an apple, cinnamon, or pumpkin scent is always a great choice.



  • Fall Decorating TipsAs the days start getting shorter, try to let in as much natural light as possible.  Try using lamps instead of harsh overhead lighting and light candles to create a soft and warm ambiance in your home.



  • Fall Decorating TipsAnd lastly, try bringing the colors of fall into your home. You can’t go wrong bringing in some deep orange, golden yellow, chocolate brown, amber,and even deep plum into your home.  Adding these colors thru the use of throw pillows, throw blankets and small accents can make a big impact.



Best regards,

The ZA Staging Team