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Winterizing Your Home

Dear Jen, My name is Dorothy – but everyone calls me Dot – and I am new to the area.  I’ve read your home and real estate advice in the magazines at my doctor’s office and am hoping that you can help me with some advice before winter sneaks up on us!  I just moved […]

My Fiancé Has Bad Credit

Dear Jen, My fiancé and I met during our junior year at Texas A&M University. We knew we were soul mates after the first date. He’s my best friend and I can’t imagine spending my life with anyone else. I’ve heard my whole life that relationships are not easy and that they take a lot of work and […]

Getting Married and Combining Households

In the winter 2014 edition of Brazos Valley Bride magazine, Jen Zweiacker answers Ashlee’s question on combining each others “stuff” into a new home.  Dear Jen, I’m marrying my best friend in September and we’re combining our two apartments into one home. Last night we had a “discussion” about space and what we’re going to […]