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Annexation Proclamation


Image courtesy of The Eagle

Image courtesy of The Eagle



On November 10th 2010, the College Station City Council voted to move forward with annexation of 680 acres of Wellborn land.  The entire annexation process takes several months to complete and involves two public hearings before the City Council. According to the proposed plan, the annexation of Wellborn would provide residents with police, fire and emergency services; as well as maintenance for public facilities such as streets, parks, public water and sewer lines.

What does the annexation mean? College Station has provided a list of commonly asked questions about annexation.  According to The City of College Station, there are many reasons why a city would annex.

1.       To provide for future growth of both residential and commercial areas

2.       Secure tax base, revenue sources

3.       Cover costs for Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction residents using city services

4.       Assert zoning or other regulatory control

5.       To protect the public health and safety of annexed residents

6.       In response to uncertain legislative environment – recent bills have made it increasingly more difficult to annex

7.       In response to perceived threat – proposed development that needs regulating
Keep Wellborn, Wellborn” supporters have recently promoted the recall of several City Council members.  College Station citizens petitioned to vote for the future of Wellborn.  After the petition failed, the only option for supporters is to recall several councilmen seats. This recall is to remove enough College Station City Council members to prevent a quorum to vote in April.

“Keep Wellborn, Wellborn” asks to recall College Station Mayor Nancy Berry, Councilman John Crompton, Councilman Dennis Maloney, Councilman Katy-Marie Lyles, and Councilman Dave Ruesink for initiating the annexation. This leaves Jess Fields and Jana McMillan untouched by the proposal.

According to The Eagle, Jess Fields stated that “…the recall of so many council members would hurt the city’s ability to operate, including continuing with development options, ratifying zoning changes and approving any contracts for more than $50,000 which the city can’t do without the council’s approval.” He (Fields) continued to say “I’m opposed to the annexation, but I just don’t think this is the right way to go about it.”

If you have driven down Texas Avenue over the weekend, you have probably seen the signs to “Keep Wellborn, Wellborn!” signs.  The grass-roots campaign has even been added to Facebook in order to encourage voters to resist annexation of Wellborn, Texas.  And supporters of the campaign have even camped out near the Military Depot with signs and petition forms. There are College Station and Wellborn residents on both sides of the story, and the decision is not a simple one.

Wellborn Texas Annexation Map

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