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5 Ways to Make Your Home Safe for Trick-or-Treaters


Keeping our children safe while trick-or-treating is always a top priority, but do you ever think about making sure that your home is safe and exciting for those trick-or-treaters.  Below are 5 ways to make your home safe for trick-or-treaters.

  1. halloween-2870607_1920smallKeep your pets safe and comfortable–  You may have the sweetest, friendliest dog around, but not all people will know that or are comfortable around pets they don’t know. So it can make them a little hesitant. Along with that your pet may usually be calm and relaxed, but knocks on the door, children excited to get candy, and seeing so many strangers can also make your pet uneasy. celebration-1868676_1920small It is often a good idea to keep your pets inside and away from the door.  
  2. Safe Lighting–  Carved pumpkins and lanterns with candle lights flickering are super cute and inviting, but could also be a hazard.  Crowds of people could easily bump them or some costumes are long and draping or fluffy and full so it is always best to use battery operated lights instead to keep children safe.  
  3. Provide a Safe Clear Path to Your Door–  Ensuring that all bikes, toys, potted plants, leaves, water hoses, etc are off of your sidewalk or driveway can help to prevent any trips or falls from the anxious trick-or-treaters.  
  4. Turn on All Front Yard Lights, Not Just the Front Porch Light–  Not only will your front porch light signal to trick-or-treaters that you are home and ready for them, but making sure to turn on all front yard lights will help to provide plenty of light from the street or sidewalk.  
  5. halloween-1773447_1920smallOne of my most favorite things is to sit on my porch to greet the trick or treaters.  Not only is this welcoming, but also very inviting.  You can enjoy the cool weather, see some great costumes, and have a fun and entertaining evening at home.

For more information on Halloween safety tips, please read this article: Local police offer safety tips to keep your kids safe this Halloween.